Candle manufacturing is a symphony of carefully selected steps that make every single of them unique in their own right. It’s a song we play with love for our craft. The process begins with the selection of highest-quality glass. Meticulous inspections ensure that all glass that ends up in our hands is evenly coloured and unchipped. Next, we thoroughly clean and degrease glass to prepare it for further steps. Once the glass is properly prepared, we move on to placing the wicks. This incredibly precise task requires manual wick trimming and stretching. After that, glass is ready for pouring.

 We prepare the wax formula by heating it up to a particular temperature and then waiting until it cools down. And then, at a specific temperature, we add our unique fragrance composition. Pouring a candle is a process that is often done “thrice”, which has a lot to do with our care for aesthetics and proper wax curing. Between every pour we have to wait – from a few hours even up to 24 hours, depending on the selected fragrance. Then, we trim the wicks to appropriate length and remove bits of wax from glass. Now it’s time for the details that make our candles special. We place every single label by hand, cleaning and polishing glass in jeweller’s gloves to ensure its flawless appearance.

 At the very end, we manually place our candles in boxes, preparing them for shipping. Every candle that comes out of our atelier is a proof of our commitment to the concept of craftsmanship as well as passion and tradition.

It’s a process that’s both an honour and a privilege for our team.


Our story encompasses years of creative pursuit and journeys to faraway places to discover the perfect fragrances and manufacturing techniques. It's also years of experiments, as our beginnings date back to the time when creating hand-made candles was a rarity and educational resources concerning the subject were practically non-existent. First of all, however, our story is a tale of striving for perfection, and adamant determination to create the product that would surpass the existing standard. We’re proud as we look back on the road we’ve taken; it’s a time of challenges and brave, often groundbreaking decisions.

Every candle is a result of meticulous work and passion we put into every stage of the manufacturing process. We use carefully selected raw material - ingredients that guarantee the impeccable quality of our products. Every scent is attentively composed and tested to achieve harmony and uniqueness that make our candles stand out in the market. The production process blends tradition and innovative technologies. Each candle is precisely made manually, which allows us to ensure the highest quality and care for details. The team of experienced artisans that we hire boasts not only technical skills, but also a sense of aesthetics that turns our products into genuine works of art.

With the growth of our company came valuable experience in cooperating with other enterprises. We offer candle personalisation for companies, delivering unique and tailor-made gifts for clients and employees. Moreover, we offer wholesale of candles, allowing other retail outlets to expand their offer by our unique products. At the same time, we believe that experience goes beyond technical perfection and aesthetics. It’s also the commitment to highest quality standards, attention to detail and customer satisfaction. Thanks to our rich experience and passion we can meet these and other, way more sophisticated expectations. If you’re looking for a partner that combines experience, quality and uniqueness, it will be a pleasure for Greyhound Candle to cooperate with you. Let us create for you candles whose fragrances breath life, special ambience, and beauty into your space.



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