GREYHOUND CANDLE – an exclusive brand of scented candles where passion, talent, and partnership create genuine works of art. In our world it’s people committed to the project and business support that give GREYHOUND CANDLE its unique character.

This exceptional brand is created by STECEK HOLDING S.A., our main shareholder and, at the same time, a dynamic and recognised holding with extensive experience in various business sectors. STECEK HOLDING S.A. contributes to the success of GREYHOUND CANDLE with its support and experience, building solid foundations for our growth in the market. They personally oversee the GREYHOUND CANDLE project. Mr Maciej Stecek, the owner of STECEK HOLDING S.A., whose determination and vision contribute to shaping the brand strategy and development. His superior management skills and passion for innovation are invaluable to our success.

 Moreover, Sebastian Flak – the brand’s founder and main creator – is the core of GREYHOUND CANDLE. He's a genuine artist who employs his boundless imagination and aesthetic sensitivity to create unique fragrances. Candle collections that constitute authentic works of art in the market are a depiction of his passion and commitment to every single detail. Our mission at GREYHOUND CANDLE is to create extraordinary experiences for the senses. We focus on blending stunning scents and classic forms to provide our customers not only with pleasure from fragrance, but also aesthetic satisfaction. Our candles are carefully curated; we use ingredients of the highest quality to ensure unrepeatable experiences worth remembering. GREYHOUND CANDLE offers a wide range of collections that perfectly blend into various interior styles and ambience. From subtle, delicate fragrances giving a space a cosy atmosphere to intense, luxurious compositions that add a touch of elegance and sophistication. Our candles adorn the interior but also serve as a tool that awakens the senses, encourages reflection and relaxation; to put it shortly, it inspires to stop “here and now”, contrary to the haste of daily life... You’re invited to enter the realm of GREYHOUND CANDLE where scent becomes art and serenity and luxury are commonplace.


By adhering to certain values, believing in the power of traditional craftsmanship, and highlighting specific and ambitious business goals, we consistently develop our offer, extend our partner network and invest in the growth of the brand that aspires to be synonymous with luxury and good, sophisticated taste. As such, GREYHOUND CANDLE combines the best of art and business. By thinking into the future, we focus on acquiring new markets with no intention of agreeing to compromises that would force us to give up on quality and artistry that we've been attached to from the very beginning. We perceive the brand’s philosophy through the prism of beauty and it lies at the core of our business DNA


Supervision over the product manufacturing process lies at the heart of our philosophy. That's what sets us apart! Attention to detail, focus on every stage of production and, first and foremost, hand-crafting our creations – all this makes each and every of our candles unique and ensures that they meet the highest standards of traditional craftsmanship.

 We care about the environment we live in. We cooperate with companies that, just like us, appreciate manual work, pay attention to detail and understand the meaning behind the luxurious and niche product. Such partnerships give us certainty that our offer, the result of cooperation of numerous enthusiasts and high-performance professionals, is always top notch.  As one of the very few in Poland we send our candles to a laboratory where scent intensity, smoke and soot production, and many other parameters are tested. This guarantees compliance with EU safety and quality standards, but also confirms how much attention we pay to the quality of our products. We constantly supervise the production process to ensure that our candles are not only beautiful, but also safe and functional.

 At GREYHOUND CANDLE we take pride in our high standards. They’re the proof that artisan production is not an outdated concept, but a value that defines the highest quality standards. The principle that we hold on tight to is to supervise the product manufacturing process. It is, among other things, linked to the fact that we hand-craft most of the things, such as boxes. What's more, we like surrounding ourselves with companies and people that, just like us, work manually, pay attention to details and understand the concept of a luxury, niche product.As a result, we select partners to feel certain that whatever the ultimate creation is – and what comprises numerous factors – is of high quality and is often subject to testing.

Proof? Our candles are tested in a special chamber at a laboratory where candles are burnt and scent intensity, smoke and soot production etc. are examined. By doing so, we comply with EU standards concerning, among others, safety and quality.


There’s more to GREYHOUND CANDLE brand than being synonymous with luxurious, hand-crafted candles with unique fragrances. It’s also a symbol of a responsible approach to business and respect for human labour, natural environment and authentic craftsmanship. From the very beginning, we strived to ensure that our activities are in line with the sustainable growth idea. At GREYHOUND CANDLE cooperation with business partners is a very conscious effort. We select the companies that appreciate the same values that we do – respect for craftsmanship, experience, and responsibility. We analyse their history, approach to production, as well as values they represent. One of such partners is a company that supplies fragrance oils for us. It’s one of the best companies specialising in this area globally. What’s more, it's a family company that has been creating fragrances for three generations. The company has its own plantation and employs eight perfume makers who are the core of the entire enterprise. For us it was the perfect blend of quality, experience, and values that are dear to our hearts.

 The company is also an example of the responsible approach to business. Since 2012, it has been cooperating with farmers from Boné Boné Sulawesi within the framework of the fair trade agreement. A year later, in 2013, the enterprise partnered with Man & Nature and began investing in professional trainings for the local community residing at the Bardia National Park in Nepal. Thanks to this, it’s possible to source essential oils in the area without inflicting any harm on local elephants and rhinos. The company signed the “Global Compact” contract proposed by the United Nations too, which is an expression of its commitment to implement the sustainable growth strategy. In addition, oils crafted by the company received international quality certificates, such as IFRA.

 Greyhound Candle is proud to be able to cooperate with such responsible partners. This partnership is not only a guarantee of the highest quality of our candles, but also a testimony to our commitment to a responsible, ethical, and sustainable business operation. We believe that this business model is the future - for our company, our customers, and the entire planet.



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